“Your own business growth and success depends on many things, and along that growing path, you are going to have to concede certain responsibilities and activities – whether for your accounting, your production, or day-to-day management. 

– Micheal Gerber Author,
Beyond the E-Myth: The Evolution of an Enterprise: From a Company of One to a Company of 1,000

The business owners, accountants and CFO’s who approach us are busy. Very busy. They don’t have time to ‘bring someone up to speed’.   They want someone who knows their business, understands their accounting challenges and can provide solutions and advice that work and generate good returns on their investment.

That’s where we come in.  It’s also the reason why our clients thank us. We help organizations fix their accounting technology, processes and people so time and efforts can be focused on what’s important to them.  We also help our clients leverage their data in their various systems so they can make better decisions and lower their risks.

Logicon Solutions takes pride in being a accounting and advisory firm made up of professional accountants, developers, accounting specialists, and business advisors who help organizations implement the ‘art and science of better’. Our team has hundreds of years of experience and knowledge to help you solve your back office problems so you can focus on growing your business and serving your clients..

Better accounting, better processes, better decisions and happier people.


Download our white paper “10 Best Practices for Accounting Processes”, with concrete action step that have realized savings and improved efficiency for organizations just like yours.

  • We have used Logicon on a series of projects to help with our accounting and bill payment processes. They also supplied us with a part time controller for a $12 million warehousing company. They were very helpful in a larger project, which was trying to manage a $25 million transportation spend.” Logicon is a wealth of knowledge and their superior computer skills, from Excel through to Monte Carlo simulations, was a great benefit to us.
Steve B, CFO, Supply Chain company


3 Keys to Data Driven Decision Making

The 3 Keys to Data Driven Decision Making   The potential benefits of big data & analytics should come as no surprise to any companies operating today. Data has provided business owners and executives a priceless tool to illuminate previously imperceptible trends and strategies, leading to strengthened operations and employee relations and an improved customer experience. According to a study conducted by Adaptive Insights, nearly 70% of CFO’s rank data-based insights as the top influence on strategic business decisions. This means a significant number of decisions are being driven by data.   In order to take advantage of this level of data integration in an effective manner, here are 3 crucial points to consider:   Transactions and Data: Mining Your Raw Materials Some people get overwhelmed by the amount of data or the data sources to pull from in order to get the information they need.  On top of that, the various systems and tools generating and providing data through today’s continuously developing tech can seem overwhelming.   The key is to keep the big picture in mind and ensure you stay focused on the question you are trying to answer or insight you are looking for. “Analytics is largely about discovering relationships that aren’t intuitively obvious. By definition, the interesting discoveries are intuitively very uncomfortable — if it doesn’t seem right and you can’t trust your gut, then you’ve got to trust the numbers. That’s hard for people” says Bob Meara, senior analyst at Celent. If there is some level of hesitancy when it comes to incorporating data & analytics, just remember that goal; you are trying to answer...

Not sure where to begin improving your processes and accounting?

Schedule a no-obligation Productivity Analysis and let our team of experts provide you with the concrete action steps to become more efficient.


Many of our projects have raised productivity by 200% or more, while dropping costs by 75% of more. Examples of results we have generated recently include:

  • Created and implemented a automation utility that eliminated 6 hours of data entry every two weeks from a external payroll system into the internal accounting system.

  • Created a process automation solution to automatically read data from a legacy production system that spit out a massive spreadsheet of data and converted it into a database that generates instant reports, charts and data inputs into other systems.

  • Created a new automated expense management process that cut expense processing from 10 days to 2 hours per month.

  • Created an automated utility that reduced 4.5 hours of data entry to 10 minutes PER DAY, freeing up 50% of one resource to focus on cash management and forecasting.
  • Redesigned and automated an accounts payable process, cutting processing times from 3 days a week to 2 hours a week.
  • Setup a private cloud for a client’s entire accounting system, eliminating all hardware costs while allowing access from anywhere in the world. Their accounting is now done for free.

  • Created a new reporting system to reduce report generation from 1 day to 10 minutes, freeing up an analyst’s time to focus on decision support and forecasting.

  • Redesigned the month end close process to reduce the close from 10 days to 2 days, freeing up resources to create new cost-to-serve models.

  • Designed and implemented a new data centre for a client, cutting hardware costs by 75% while improving reliability to 99.999%.

  • Created a virtual network to allow airline planners to plan plane capacities by leg and determine capital requirements for the next 5 to 10 years.

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