todays challenge

  • Are you facing more complex decisions than you did in the past?
  • Do you have problems with your processes
  • Are you troubled with the amount of risk you now face? 
  • Are you overwhelmed with data or not able to properly leverage it for decision making?
  • Are you facing stiff competition or losing business to your competition?
  • Do you wonder if there is someone you can hire immediately to help you solve the above? 


There are dozens of articles and dozens of firms with solutions that claim to improve your business and enhance your decision-making capabilities.

What makes us unique is our best of breed approach, employing highly developed methods practiced by specially trained professionals. It’s powerful stuff.  By using advanced tools and technologies, we can provide you solutions and analytical power that no ordinary software or spreadsheet can deliver out of the box. And it’s tailored to you and your business, because our professionals offers you the ability to define your specific challenge in ways that make the most of your data and uncover your most beneficial options

Logicon Solutions takes pride in being a leading boutique consulting firm made up of data scientists, management accountants, management scientists and business advisors who help organizations implement the 'art and science of better'.


Clients who approach us are busy.  Very busy.  The don't have time to 'bring someone up to speed'.  They want someone who knows their business, understands their challenges or opportunities and can provide solutions that work.  

That's where we come in.  It's also the reason why our clients thank us.  

We help our clients implement the discipline of leveraging their data to help their  time starved organization make better decisions with less risk.   

It's what we call the art and science of better and below are the benefits our clients are enjoying today from our solutions.

  • New  business insight into complex problems
  • Improved business performance with new embedding model-driven intelligence into an organization’s information systems to improve decision making
  • Lower costs by identifying new opportunities to decrease cost or investment
  • Improved decision making by assessing the likely outcomes of decision alternatives and uncovering better alternatives
  • Improved planning and forecasting by creating a better basis and approach
  • Improved scheduling of staff, equipment, events, and more
  • Better planning through the use of quantitative techniques to support operations, tactical planning, and strategic planning
  • Robust pricing by developing solutions to dynamically price products and services
  • Improved productivity by showing ways to make processes and people more productive
  • Improved profits by identifying new revenue or return on investment possibilities or by increasing market share
  • Improved quality while quantifying and balancing qualitative considerations
  • Faster recovery times by showing how to gain greater control and achieving turn-around
  • Better resource utilization for limited equipment, facilities, money, and personnel
  • Better risk management by strengthing risk measurement quantitatively and uncovering factors critical to managing and reducing risk
  • Better throughput by increasing speed or throughput and decreasing delays


If your organization would like to learn how you can enjoy the same benefits, please contact us via the contact page.  You will be pleased that you did.


There are many ways we can start generating these returns for you.

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